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My name is Christopher & I'd like to help.

Poetic creativity takes many forms

Development is an outlet for expression

And the internet is my blank canvas

I'm passionate about development, design, and non-profit work. I wrote my first line of code when I was 11 years old and I remember it vividly. I'm currently working with a stellar team in an Enterprise retail setting, in 2014 we won our first award for Best Retail Website from J.D. Power.

I have plenty of ideas and projects to mold but I'm always looking for more. I've taken on roles in marketing departments, IT departments, customer support, and project management. I have a lot of experience handling lots of user traffic, I work with Adobe's Scene7 and my first task at hh gregg was working with Akamai CDN Integration. I'm currently working with JAVA EE on the IBM Websphere Commerce, primarily focused on the front-end development. (JSP, JSTL, Dojo, jQuery)

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