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My name is Christopher & I'd like to help.


Coding & design is an art. Creativity is poetry in any form.


I'm detail-oriented, hard working, & pretty good at it too.


I like big ideas, small ideas, any ideas... I just love new ideas.

I'm passionate about development, design, and non-profit work. I'm currently working with ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Basic on a professional basis but I work mostly with PHP5, PHP MVC frameworks, & CMS Development when it comes to freelance projects. I wrote my first line of code when I was 11 years old, I actually remember the exact moment.

I have plenty of ideas and projects to mold but I'm always looking for more. I have experience in object-oriented programming and have been experimenting with PHP MVC programming for a few years now. I've taken on roles in marketing departments, IT departments, customer support, print design, database programming, interactive graphic design and so much more. I'd like to put my skills to work for you.

  • CSS3
  • Java EE / JSTL / IBM Websphere Commerce
  • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • DOJO
    • Node
    • Backbone
    • Angular
  • PHP5
  • MVC Concepts
  • CMS Integration and Development
  • Akamai CDN Integration and Support

My latest blog posts

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  • Oopies...

    No blog entries at the moment... I need to get on that.

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About Me

I am a 24 year old quick-wit originally from Indianapolis but now living in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. I consider myself a web developer, interactive designer, team player, and all-around super friendly guy.

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  • Since 2008 I have been specializing in development specifically for 501(c)(3) organizations by working at the Indiana University Foundation until 2009. I'm now in my second year at The HOPE Foundation and am very passionate about development, design, and non-profit work.

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